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Say On Pay Voting Results

Say on Pay results in this analysis reflect the annual non-binding vote on each companies’ compensation plans made by shareholders at the annual general meeting.

Voting Results for 2018 will be released during summer 2019. Updates will be posted as data becomes available.

Green 100%-90%
Yellow 89%-70%
Orange 69%-50%/Approved, but no detailed results

Red <50%
Grey Company has no Say on Pay

Company Enbridge Inc.
CEO Name Patrick D. Daniel
Salary $1,269,750
STI $2,396,000
LTI* $2,893,504
Say on Pay 94%
Board Games Total Score 91
Board Games Shareholding & Comp Section Score 92

*LTI is the total value of share, option and cash based awards as disclosed. See methodology.

Relative Company Performance (Percentile)

Total Shareholder Return
Return On Assets
Return On Capital
Return On Equity
EPS Growth
Net Income Growth

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Data Sources:
Compensation Data: Management Information Circulars as of May 22, 2019
Board Games Data: David and Sharon Johnston Centre for Corporate Governance Innovation
Company Performance Data: S&P Global Market Intelligence